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A five-season show with 10 episodes each, inspired by successful series such as GOT, Outlander, and Messiah, interweaving the soul journeys of nine women that span an epic arc from the persecution of wise women in the Middle Ages to the effects on their lives in modern-day


A tiny, mysterious figurine of horse and rider provides a seemingly ordinary woman with the key to her extraordinary existence: as a 16th-century female warrior reincarnated to champion freedom and power for women once again, to a world finally awakened.

The spirit of the time

The world is changing. Old power structures are dissolving everywhere and lead to chaos and insecurity.

The evolutionary history of the earth has sojourned 2000 years of male dominance, in which female power has been degraded to a variety of weaknesses. The history of women to date is a story of oppression, which is full of injuries and traumas in the deep consciousness of every person and, above all, every woman. The memory of persecution, torture and violent death is stored in people’s cell consciousness and now leads to great inner conflicts in the era of collective awakening.

The increase in depression and illnesses are symptoms, which cannot be cured with conventional methods.

The time has come for a new awareness of who we humans really are, what strengths we have and how we can use them to create a new world order. People have never been more open and ready to face a new perception and receive messages of hope and inspiration. At this point, the film industry gets a new responsibility. It is no longer just about entertainment;

it is about producing films that support the process of transforming humanity without losing wow factor and financial success. Films that build a bridge between fiction and reality, exchange weapons for the power of the heart and inspire people to stand up and set out on their own magical soul journey.

Every man and woman, regardless of age, skin colour and religion, will recognize themselves in these stories, because in each person lives a soul that has lived many times and is now ready to dissolve the shadows of the past, to provide the best of themselves to the world.

Authors note

I am born with a special gift. I can remember past lives. That saved me nothing, but it explained a lot. Just like all people, I’ve gone all the wrong ways that life has offered me. With one difference: I knew why. Not at the beginning, but I started looking for it and always found it at some point.

Just like I found the people, or they found me, however you want to see it, who belong to me. Who decided to start the journey we call life with me again.

The universe is a gigantic narrative and we all have our story in it. Souls are connected with invisible threads and find each other again when their time has come. Most of the time the journey begins with a little something. Something to which we don’t attach any importance at all. Until it suddenly grows big and our lives get off the hook.


Karen Sailer, born in 1962, grew up in Germany and has lived in Ibiza, Spain since 1995. When asked when she was 14, what she wanted to be, she replied: veterinarian, textile designer, landscape architect, writer and filmmaker. She followed her thread, studied veterinary medicine, was chief designer of a carpet company in Nepal for 7 years and then became Ibiza’s most successful landscape architect for 25 years.

As a modern medicine woman, who has learned from the great wisdom keepers of our earth, she has cultivated her gift of turning deserts into paradises into soul-rejuvenating work with people and horses. In 2010 she founded the award-winning Alegria project, in which young people learn together with horses the spiritual and practical tools of life in order to be prepared for the world. Then once again she created a new way to spread a life-sustaining message:

“Love your life, learn the tools, live your dream” is her motto with which she led thousands of women out of depression and towards their true life’s purpose in her online program Wild Heart in 2019.


Karen Sailer has often shed skin and, with the journey back to her past life as a warrior in 16th century France, opened a new chapter in her eventful life. The publication of a 12-minute short film in February 2019 about her experience with the old equestrian figure and the decision to openly and authentically share her magical journey on social media has suddenly made her a public person, which has been breathlessly followed by thousands of people. In summer 2019, she produced the 30-minute short film My Magical Journey, which led to a standing ovation at the premiere in Cologne in November.

A week later, the film won the Best International Short Film Award at the Equus Film Festival in Kentucky. Karen Sailer extended her new career as an author and producer in January 2020 to other films that serve the transformation of humanity. Her first appearance as an executive producer is the documentary The Black Cowboy by Charles Perry, which tells the story from the perspective of the black cowboys who have been cut out of America’s success story to this day.

In 2020 she will support the German cinema production Wildherz as a co-producer, mentor and actress. Her magical journey is far from over. Her goal is to inspire millions of people with her films to live an authentic, self-determined and mindful life so that a new matrix of respectful coexistence between men and women, races and religions on our planet, will emerge.

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